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Factory double doors fitted

Factory and commercial building alterations in Dukinfield Tameside

We had a large team of bricklayers, Joiners, plasterers and general builders on site for this project, we were asked to complete the alterations with a minimum of disruption to the customer’s staff. Not an easy task when we had a set of external double doors to punch through into the carpark and install.

We were tasked to create larger internal openings and hang commercial plastic curtains in the openings. We also had to alter the paving in the carpark allowing the delivery vans to get closer to the doors when loading and unloading. This project went very well and our team worked extremely well in what were quite difficult circumstances due to the volume of vehicular and foot traffic in the area during the works.

Energy Efficient French Doors Dukinfield.

We have been fitting new energy efficient French doors fitted this month in Dukinfield. Standard doors can negatively affect your home’s climate control by letting the air conditioning seep out, or letting the heat and humidity seep in. You waste more energy than you think through your home’s doors. When your home uses doors that are properly insulated with plenty of thermal reflection ability, the temperature stays consistent and it takes less energy to maintain your preferred conditions.

If you need to make sure your home is ready for the winter months give us a call 0161 465 9112

Fencing in Stretford

We have been busy this week repairing fencing in Stretford, Manchester. We needed to put a fence post as a replacement.

In today’s modern world, it seems impossible to maintain any privacy. Urban sprawl and an increased demand for housing means that traditional walled properties have been replaced by open plan living, giving the illusion of bright and uncluttered gardens that, ironically, reduce personal space.

But installing fences for privacy is not just about height. You can increase your privacy by positioning screening in the right place in your garden.

Are you looking to improve your garden, keep pets enclosed, or perhaps security and privacy are key concerns? Whatever your goals identifying what you need your fencing to do will ensure that you get a practical fencing solution that’s pleasing on the eye. Consider your neighbours. There is a saying ‘good fences make good neighbours.’

If you need fencing repairing or replacing in Ashton, Denton Dukinfield, Hyde, Stalybridge, Saddleworth or the Greater Manchester area call us on 0161 465 9112.

Gas main

Gas Man fitting a gas main in Dukinfield

Here’s an employee of Finalfix Ltd fitting a gas main in Dukinfield. All our Gas fitters are fully certified and are Gas safe registered.

The Final Fix team are easily recognisable due to our logo bearing work wear.

Staff fully qualified to fit a gas main

If you need gas main work completing give us a call on 0161 465 9112 and be reassured that all our staff are fully trained and qualified.