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House Adaption

If you need to help with a house adaption or have an elderly or disabled relative who needs their house adapting, FinalFix have years of building experience in that area of work. We have adapted dozens of houses for satisfied customers in Tameside and Greater Manchester. Adapting a house can make a huge difference to elderly or disabled persons quality of life and we are proud to have completed previous work for customers to a high standard.

Please note that registered disabled are VAT exempt

House Adaption Ideas

  • Ramp Access
  • Floor leveling
  • Door Widening
  • Rehang doors
  • Moving door handles
  • Moving light swicthes
  • Bathroom handrail
  • Second banister
  • Walk in shower
  • Ground floor bathroom fitting
  • Installing a wetroom
  • Ground floor extensions

Your house can transformed into a far safer living environment with simple additions to your home.

Door/Access Ramps

With the addition of hand rails a ramp to your front and back doors will make a life lot easier on wet or icy days.
house adaptions ramp access

back door ramp access

Bathroom and Shower handrails

Adding the handrails will make bathing a lot easier and safer.
shower handrails house adaption

Toilet handrails

Getting up and down on the toilet is a lot easier with this type of handrail.
toilet handrails house adaption

Door widening for wheelchair access

Increasing the width of doors with a house occupied for someone using a wheelchair is essential. The ability to move around the house unhindered gives them far more independence.

widened doors for wheelchair access

Wet rooms

Showering is a lot easier when you don’t have to clamber over the side of a bath or through sliding doors. A wet room allows a disabled person more dependence and combined with some handrails making it a safe room to bath in.

wet room house adaption

adapted house fitted wet room

FinalFix can assist with the planning permission and designs on extensions. If you are interested in a no obligation quote on an extension and want to see some of our previous work click here.

Take a look at this house adaption we recently worked on in Bramhall here.

Give us a call on 0161 465 9112 if you want to chat about your ideas for a house adaption.

If you need assistance in funding for house adaption take a look at this helpful advice here.