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Installed new steps at apartment block in Manchester

We all know how slippy and dangerous old wooden steps can get when they get wet. This health hazard needed sorting as part of our facilities management work at an apartment block. The replaced the old stairs with new composite decking which are designed to be a lot safer. If you have old wooden decking or staircase your sick of slipping on give us a call for a free quote on 0161 465 9112

Bespoke Attic Storage in Cheadle

The team have been busy in Cheadle this week building a bespoke storage space in the eaves of a customers house. They now have an economical storage area so they can free up space in your existing rooms. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home’s style and when it was built. By using the structures in the attic room, you can turn the attic into a reliable storage space.

If you would like a quote for storage in your attic space call us on 0161 465 9112 for a free quote.

As you can see from all our projects big or small we always leave it clean and tidy afterwards.

Staircase fitted and complete

Replacement Staircase in Stalybridge.

Take a look at this replacement staircase we recently fitted in a rental property in Stalybridge no more creaky old stairs. If you are thinking of replacing existing stairs or adding a new staircase as part of a bigger renovation or building project, this is a substantial job both structurally and visually.

When considering a new staircase, you need to think about the materials you like and the style you wish to achieve. Traditional wooden staircases are always warm, look great in almost any home, plus can be painted or stained to suit. But there are also many modern steel and glass designs for those looking for a more contemporary look. When choosing the materials, it really all comes down to your available budget and personal preference. Whatever material you choose, it will have to comply with current Building Regulations if you are having a new staircase rather than simply replacing an existing one.

The stairway construction must be strong enough to hold your weight while allowing comfortable access to the second floor. Also, on entering many homes the staircase is immediately visible, so needs to look great too!

If you need to replace your staircase and need a quote call 0161 465 9112

Hand rail fitted

House Adaption in Bramhall

We have been very busy of the last few weeks completely a house adaption in Bramhall. Flagging outside has been raised to create access, Two rooms have been knocked into one big room. Door casings have been widened throughout, wheel chair friendly bathroom is being installed and all floors have been levelled throughout. New kitchen, external doors and floor coverings to go in next week.

Take a look at the team at work.

Commercial Property Refurbishment Denton

Finalfix Contractors working on the full refurbishment of a grade 2 listed building in Denton. The premises are currently being developed by Finalfix into offices and a workshop after being unoccupied for many years.

In a project of this type there is a lot to consider, to ensure compliance with conservation officers and building inspectors.
As the main contractor on the job, Finalfix will manage all trades and materials, and also liaise with suppliers, client, architect and building inspector throughout the project.
If you are considering a commercial or domestic building project of any shape or size call us for a free survey and quotation any time 0161 465 9112